Testing alternative slug deterrents

Ruth -  11 May 2021 09:00:00 Other articles...

I spent a very pleasant afternoon playing with my new pet. I've named him StJohn the ninja snail and he is quite lovely. I thought it would be interesting to trial a few commonly quoted snail deterrents and see how they fared. Results are as follows:

1) Egg shells didn't seem to phase him at all. Tried him quite a few times and just didn't seem to notice them?

2) coffee grinds. He fell off these a bit as they kept sliding out from under him but didn't seem to actually bother him at all?! 

3) copper tape. People think this is the same as our solid copper rings, but to make the copper into tape they mix it with all sorts of other things and reduce its copper content. That difference in copper content does seem to make a difference as they just sailed right over copper tape?! He did got off after 5-10cm travel so definitely double up height if trying this at home.

4) Strulch mulch. This did actually work... So much so he refused to come out of his shell for an hour and frothed a bit. I rescued him and gave him a leaf but he was pretty shaken... definitely worth a try!

5) solid copper Slugrings. Worked like a dream... Obviously!


What else do you think we should test? Its always good to see what other pet and wildlife friendly slug deterrents work and add to your arsenal!




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