Dahlias are notoriusly tricky to grow due to their vunerability to slug attacks.
We lift the tubers yearly or they rot in our heavy clay soil. This means we can protect new growth by placing the spring pots onto a small copper ring in the coldframe/greenhouse. If you live in an area where you can leave them out, then you should leave a large slug ring around the plant year round and ensure it is clean and free of debris in early April before shoots appear.
When we plant out we ensure we leave plenty of clear space around the plant as any overhanging leaves can create a bridge inside the ring, about 40-50cm all round. It is important to make sure any supports are also within the ring or the slugs and snails will simply climb the stakes for access.
Despite the difficulty growing them, Dahlias are a beautiful addition to your garden and well worth the effort. 

Hardy herbacaeous perennials

Lupins, delphiniums and salvias are notoriously vulnerable to slug and snail attack. We protect these plants with a large Slug Ring for their entire lives. When the plant dies down we leave the ring in place marking the position of the plant so it doesn't get damaged during winter border maintenance. The new spring shoots will be protected from the moment they appear. 

Slug repellent for Hostas 

These are loved by slugs and snails and we grow them inside large rings (or two rings joined together for large plants). However, once the leaves get going, some hostas are so low growing and pendulous that they grow over the ring and touch the ground on the outside of the ring. This will make a bridge for slugs and snails, so we trim the long lower leaves back.

Slug safe Pot plants 

These can be protected with a ring around the base of the plant or you can stand the whole pot inside or on top of a Slug Ring.


Climbing Plants

Climbing plants such as clematis and sweet peas need protecting with small rings when they are young. Make sure that any training poles are inside the ring.

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