Enviromental Story

We’re all becoming more aware of our impact on the environment. It’s something we've been passionate about for a long time and we extend our own personal values into our business. We try to reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle everything we can!

We use a European sourced copper, which travels to us in shared transport, so no driving empty lorries for long distances.

Our manufacturing process is almost entirely manual. We have one electrically powered process as I'm just not strong enought to bend over all the edges by hand!! This means we have a very low carbon footprint for production.

Any waste copper is recycled, our raw material comes on pallets which we use in our own garden or recycle. Any waste paper or cardboard in the office is recycled and although we do store 24 sets of rings in large plastic bags to stop tarnishing in storage, these are reused for many years. 
We use cardboard boxes to protect the rings in transit and paper postage bags to help reduce our plastic consumption. The boxes and bags are tough enough to protect your rings in transit, can be reused again and again, and when they can't take any more they can be recycled or composted.
We really encourage buying quality over quantity and repairing over replacing. Slug Rings are designed to last for life.
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