Eco-friendly protection from slugs and snails

Slug Rings are solid copper rings that are placed around individual plants to keep slugs and snails out. These pests detest crawling on copper, so Slug Rings make a very effective barrier. Unlike slug pellets, the copper rings cause no harm and are completely safe for pets and children, so your garden can be home to healthy plants, as well as healthy wildlife.

Sustainable alternative to slug pellets

Slug Rings are guaranteed to last a lifetime. They can be used over and over again, season after season. They come in two sizes: small (approximately 4 inch/10cm diameter) for single stem plants and seedlings, and large (approximately 7 inch/17cm diameter) for plants like hostas, delphiniums, lettuces and lupins. They’re super easy to fit, and you can make larger rings for plants like hostas by joining two together.

Made by gardeners for gardeners

Slug Rings were invented more than twenty years ago for personal use. They protected plants so successfully that in 2002 manufacturing began, and since then hundreds of thousands of rings have been sold to happy gardeners around the world.

My delphiniums and lupins thank you

Just wanted to say what a brilliant product this is. I have been using your slug rings since 2015 and NO SLUGS! My delphiniums and lupins thank you, as does my wild hedgehog who visits the garden every night. Keep up the good work!
Eira from Huddersfield

it’s fantastically good value for money

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my 6 new slug rings! I’m chuffed to bits to be able to protect my new Delphinium and Lupin plants!- it’s fantastically good value for money and I’m so impressed with your delivery service.
Millie Lewis - Shipham Somerset

Both clematis are now thriving!

I'm very happy that they have protected two tender clematis plants that were completely eaten by slugs/ snails last year before they even had the chance to get beyond their first few shoots. Both clematis are now thriving!




What to do when your slugrings arrive

Do a little happy dance, open the box, pretend its jewellery and out it on your head like a crown (everyone does it)

Run into the garden and pick the most needy and worthy plants.

Press the Slug Ring into the soil around the plant. Make sure that:

⦁ there are no slugs or snails trapped inside. Have a good root around to be certain, because they won't be able to get out. In the first few days check that you haven’t missed any.

⦁ the rings are scrunched into the soil a little way to leave no gaps underneath for a slug to sneak through. Wet the soil first if it’s too hard.

⦁ there are no leaves overhanging the ring and touching the soil to make a bridge for slugs and snails to cross.

⦁ foliage doesn't overhang the ring from outside, allowing snails to abseil in.

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